About Angle Team

Achieving personal wealth and financial independence is both an art and a science. In order to be successful, one must use a variety of skills and technology in designing and implementing a plan. One also needs a team of professionals to draw upon as no one advisor has all required knowledge in every area of wealth management.

At Angle Team, Ltd., we utilize a holistic process that takes into consideration your current financial situation as well as your future goals, needs, and concerns before developing a plan.

In the first step, we take the time to listen to your personal goals and desires. It’s important for us to understand how you envision your financial future and retirement. Many times, our clients aren’t even entirely sure of what they want in the future; but by talking about it with an advisor, they may be able to better formalize their plans and objectives.

Following the first discovery meeting, we organize and analyze your present economic situation. During this step, many people come to realize that their current financial situation is uncoordinated, with different financial products (such as insurance, investments, and employee benefits) all obtained independently of each other and at different stages of their lives. This current uncoordinated state of affairs often makes for a very confusing and inefficient plan for achieving personal wealth.